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  • Creating Books at Home
    Creating Books at Home
    Books are windows to the world outside, and making one with your child is an amazing way to tap into your creative side and bond with your little one. Lindsay gives us some tips on how to get started.By Lindsay ZielinskiYour toddler is busy these days! It seems as if sometimes there aren’t enough activities […]
  • 10 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Chess
    10 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Chess
    Chess is an ancient game of strategy that educates kids in numerous ways. French chess teacher Sébastien shares fun facts about the game and how to master it in Bangkok.By Sébastien FerrandI am 1500 years old. I am a sport played by Napoleon Bonaparte, Ludwig van Beethoven, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo Di Caprio. I am […]
  • What Parents Say: How to Entertain Kids Indoors
    What Parents Say: How to Entertain Kids Indoors
    If you’re stuck at home, Sanam and Chyi share our survey results and the best tips to manage bored kids.By Sanam Raisa Rahman and Chyi Lee“Mom! I’m bored! There’s nothing to do!”“When will it stop raining? I want to go to the park!”“Can I watch some TV, please?”  Sound familiar? If not, you haven’t yet […]
  • Ideas for Playing at Home
    Ideas for Playing at Home
    Suzi has simple but fun activities for home play and also for some quality play time with you!By: Suzi ChaemchaengThe challenge of online learning or just being at home when you have young children can be overwhelming. There are negative feelings that prick your heart with guilt if they are staring at screens more than […]
  • Fostering Children’s Creative Growth
    Fostering Children’s Creative Growth
    Have you ever wondered about the best ways to encourage your child to grow creatively? Piyachat Finney writes about the ways you can be successful in doing this.By Piyachat FinneyAs a parent or caregiver, we all strive to boost our children’s creative growth to the best of our abilities. However, being a facilitator for your […]
  • Learning the Art of Weaving
    Learning the Art of Weaving
    Vana and her daughter visited a weaving studio in Bangkok where the owner introduced them to the beauty and benefits of traditional weaving techniques, even for kids.By  Vanasobhin KasemsriAs a keen weaver, Miss Wiwan Lertpphokanont’s love of Thai arts and crafts took her to many parts of Thailand where she learned weaving techniques from many […]