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  • Brilliant Bird Feeders
    Brilliant Bird Feeders
    Anelia loves to sit back and watch the birds in her garden, and soon, with these simple-to-make bird feeders, we’ll all be relaxing in the company of our feathered friends.
  • Mī Chīwitchīwā  (มีชีวิตชีวา) ‘Thai’-Dye T-shirt.
    Mī Chīwitchīwā (มีชีวิตชีวา) ‘Thai’-Dye T-shirt.
    We love a party at BAMBI magazine, and with Songkran to look forward to, April is one of our favorite months. Now thanks to Anelia’s vibrant craft, we know we’ll have just the thing to wear for all those waterfights and parties!
  • I AM Vision Board
    I AM Vision Board
    This month Anelia is encouraging us to celebrate the powerful women in our lives as we prepare for International Women’s Day. Self-esteem and self-confidence are vital for our well-being. Fortunately, Anelia has a fun and artistic way for us and our children to develop both.
  • No-Sew Love Bug Heart Cushion!
    No-Sew Love Bug Heart Cushion!
    In honor of Valentine’s Day this month, our resident creator Anelia shares a super cute, no-sew, cushion craft to do with your kids and celebrate the thing that binds you to each other—love.
  • Heart Made Cookies for the Month of Love
    Heart Made Cookies for the Month of Love
    Foodie mom Chyi tells us how Valentine’s month reminds her of the sweet treats that she had in Japan, and how she enjoys the spirit of baking and sharing joy with others by making recipes like this one. By Chyi LeeLove is in the air! Valentine’s Day on February 14 always reminds me about how the […]
  • Easy Hacks for Purposeful Playtime
    Easy Hacks for Purposeful Playtime
    Early years teacher Jessie shares some simple ideas for home-based activities that are low cost, quick to set up, and a lot of fun for young children.By Jessie KanchanI love spending time with kids; it’s how I choose to spend my days. I’m excited to explore and discover various things with them. Most of all, […]