• Chairwoman’s Report 2016
    Chairwoman’s Report 2016

    Every year, BAMBI looks back and remembers all that has been done and accomplished in the previous 12 months. Here is a summary of our activities and achievements in 2016 and a small look into our plans for 2017.  By Triin Kassis   Every year before the Annual General Meeting in March the BAMBI Committee […]

  • Chairwoman’s Report 2015
    Chairwoman’s Report 2015

    The BAMBI team reflects back on actions and accomplishments of the past year (2015) and shares some plans for 2016 in its annual review. By Ravit El-Bachar Daniel   Each year I and my team take a look back to the previous calendar year, reflecting on things that kept us busy serving you, dear BAMBI […]

  • Birth Day Choices, Bangkok, 1982
    Birth Day Choices, Bangkok, 1982

    Photo: The first BABIES (now Bumps & Babies) meeting. What was it like giving birth to a baby in Bangkok 30 years ago? Mel Habanananda, BAMBI Patron and founder, and midwife by profession, tells us about those days with a smile. By Mel Habanananda Thirty years ago Bangkok was congested, polluted, messy, noisy – well […]

  • Life in Bangkok, 1982
    Life in Bangkok, 1982

    Nineteen eighty-two. Or – Thai-style – 2526. The year BAMBI was born. Cast your mind back – can you recall 1982? What were you doing then? What was making headline news? By Ann Patrick / Photo by Renate Schediwy via Wikimedia Commons The world in 1982 Amongst events too numerous to detail here, Wikipedia reliably […]

  • And So BAMBI Was ‘Born’
    And So BAMBI Was ‘Born’

    On the 30th anniversary of BAMBI, Founder and Patron Mel reflects back on its beginnings. By Mel Habanananda, BAMBI Patron (and the big ‘mum’ behind BAMBI) (Cover photo is of the first BAMBI meeting with all eight founder members, 1982; Mel in the middle of back row wearing a brown dress) Happy 30th Birthday BAMBI! […]