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  • Songkran: A Festival Soaked in Tradition
    Songkran: A Festival Soaked in Tradition
    While splashing water often seems to be the highlight of Songkran for many of us, Thai teacher Kru Smuk talks about some of the lesser known ways that the festival is celebrated across Thailand. By Kru SmukIn April, many people are excited about the Songkran Festival, which is considered the Thai New Year and celebrated from […]
  • 1982’s Bodacious Bangkok!
    1982’s Bodacious Bangkok!
    The world in the ‘80s was full of life and color. Follow Jaqui Deeon as she highlights Bangkok in 1982. We’ll get a peek at what has changed and what has stayed the same throughout the years.By Céline (Jaqui) DeeonIt’s 1982 in Europe, America, Australia. We’ve got on our four-wheeled roller skate boots, with their […]
  • New Year Greetings in Thai
    New Year Greetings in Thai
    Thai teacher Kru Smuk shares useful expressions for new year greetings and makes learning Thai as easy as peeling a banana.By Kru SmukIt’s January! Welcome to 2022.As many of you are celebrating the new year and spending quality time with family and loved ones in Thailand, I would love to teach you how to wish […]
  • Holi—A Festival of Colors
    Holi—A Festival of Colors
    BAMBI’s Assistant Editor Ashima tells us all about Holi, a unique festival that nurtures love and bonding, and brings people of all ages together in celebration.By Ashima KapurWater splashing, people sprayed with vibrant colors, children playing with multi-colored balloons and water guns, loud music—these are all sights and sounds to see and hear during Holi […]
  • The Day of the Dead
    The Day of the Dead
    Proudly Mexican, Claudia shares the meaning of the Day of the Dead and the traditions and festivities that surround this important festival.By Claudia BenavidesIn Mexico, we celebrate death annually and, with it, our gastronomy and folklore. The Day of the Dead—known as Día de los Muertos in Spanish—is one of the most important festivals in […]
  • How Children Learn from Festivals
    How Children Learn from Festivals
    As a first-time parent, Chyi began to see festivals differently after her child started school, and she learned how these celebrations could bring new color to her child’s development. By Chyi LeeBefore I became a parent, festivals meant quite little to me. Having lived in different countries since I was a teenager, I missed most festivals […]