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  • Preparing for a Positive Birth Experience
    Preparing for a Positive Birth Experience

    When you are pregnant it’s important to prepare yourself mentally and physically so that you can be in control and make choices for a positive birth. Here are the key aspects to consider on your journey to motherhood.   By Iasnaia Maximo   I used to live in Amsterdam, where I worked as a Doula […]

  • Stress — What Is Your Gut Telling You?
    Stress — What Is Your Gut Telling You?

    Culinary nutritionist and health coach, Cecilia Yu explains the connection between our gut health and our mental health. Incorporate some of her tips to manage the stress in your life. By Cecilia Yu   Have you listened to your gut lately? Are you at peace or in turmoil over a decision you have been deliberating […]

  • Dengue Fever and Pregnancy
    Dengue Fever and Pregnancy

    Know the risks associated with contracting dengue fever, how to avoid contracting it, and how to know whether you have symptoms for the more life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever. By Emma McNerlin   As rainy season returns to Bangkok so too does the rise in mosquito populations and mosquito-borne viruses. Much has been reported about the […]

  • Snoring in Kids
    Snoring in Kids

    Many of us have had a good night’s sleep interrupted by a partner or spouse who snores. But what if the loud, gurgling sounds at night actually turn out to be coming from your precious child. We take an in-depth look at the health implications of snoring in children, and what to do if your […]

  • Musings of a Midwife: Birth in the Age of Fear
    Musings of a Midwife: Birth in the Age of Fear

    In this month’s Bumps and Babies article, midwife Emma McNerlin reflects on the challenges of choosing a care provider for pregnancy and birth in Bangkok, and how what should be a happy time of anticipation for any pregnant woman can instead be one of worry and second-guessing. By Emma McNerlin Whether it’s a longed-for baby, a […]

  • Common Medical Tests in Pregnancy
    Common Medical Tests in Pregnancy

    Whether it’s a first-time pregnancy or not, navigating healthcare in Bangkok can be scary and costly. Midwife Emma McNerlin explores common routine tests offered in pregnancy. By Emma McNerlin When you decide on a hospital you will either choose or be allocated an OB/GYN to oversee your care. Each doctor has a different approach or […]