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  • Motherhood: Living Guilt-free
    Motherhood: Living Guilt-free
    The majority of mothers feel ‘mum guilt’ at one point or another. Galina gives some tips and tricks on how to manage guilt and feelings of insufficiency. By Galina Kalinina “I do not give enough time to my kids.” “I feel guilty for going back to work.” “I do not take enough care of myself.” […]
  • Musings of a Midwife: The Birth of a Mother
    Musings of a Midwife: The Birth of a Mother
    In this month’s Bumps and Babies article, midwife Emma McNerlin examines matrescence — the anthropological term defined by Dana Rafael in 1975 to describe the process of becoming a mother. By Emma McNerlin Throughout my career as a midwife supporting women in pregnancy, I have observed that it is often difficult for them to see […]
  • Play Is for Everyone
    Play Is for Everyone
    Play therapist Abhasiri ‘Oom’ Chutikul explains how something as simple as playing can not only help us bond with our children, it can provide a form of self-care when we allow ourselves time to play too, whatever form that might take. By Abhasiri Chutikul As we are all winding down from our holiday spirits, I […]
  • Self-care Isn’t Selfish
    Self-care Isn’t Selfish
    Often mum’s the one who looks after everyone in the family, but the concept of nurturing does not seem to extend to the mother herself. Gale, Founder of My Mummy First, tells us how she has addressed this need based on her own experience. By Gale Ruttanaphon When I gave birth to Vivian and made […]
  • READER’S CORNER: December 2018
    READER’S CORNER: December 2018
    Need some book recommendations for your child and for parents? Here are some titles picked by Kinokuniya for BAMBI families. (Japanese books follow the English titles. 日本語の本もお見逃しなく☆) For Kids We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Christmas Activity Book Publisher: Walker Books, 1989 ISBN: 9781406384512 Age: 3 years+ Join in the bear hunt with this fabulous […]
  • Raising Third Culture Kids (TCKs)
    Raising Third Culture Kids (TCKs)
    Clinical psychologists Catherine and Benjamin teach us about raising TCKs. By Catherine Barbier, MA, and Benjamin Weinstein, PhD “Where are you from?’ As expats, this is a question we hear (and ask) over and over. Most of us have quick and frequently practiced answers. Some of us even have stock answers that we pull out […]