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  • BAMBI News November 2020
    BAMBI News November 2020

    View PDF   Dear Members, Welcome to our November Issue. I think we can say we have adjusted and settled into the “new norm” in Thailand. As a new volunteer I can say it has been a busy time for BAMBI as we have reopened most of our playgroups and activities with some tweaks to […]

  • BAMBI News October 2020
    BAMBI News October 2020

    View PDF Dear Members,  I’m Gloria, the new Chairwoman and I’d also like to introduce our Vice-Chairwoman, Terryn who recently joined BAMBI and has kindly offered to volunteer in this role. As a long-time BAMBI member, I read the magazine every month and it has always been a pleasure to see what our past Chairwomen […]

  • BAMBI News September 2020
    BAMBI News September 2020

    View PDF   Dear members, Welcome to the September issue. I hope that by the time you receive this issue, the extremely long break from school is over. I’ve found it challenging to keep the kids and myself interested and motivated during these long months of social distancing. It takes a lot of creativity some […]

  • BAMBI News July/August 2020
    BAMBI News July/August 2020

    View PDF   Dear BAMBI members, For me — and I guess for a lot of you, too — summer holidays are going to be quite different to what we had originally planned this year. Nevertheless, I hope you all have something to look forward to — perhaps a short break somewhere in Thailand, or […]

  • BAMBI News June 2020
    BAMBI News June 2020

    View PDF   Hello readers Welcome to June. This is usually a busy month for most of us, whose children are finishing up their academic year. It’s also a month where most are making plans to keep the children busy during the long summer break when schools and regular playgroups are closed. Many of us […]

  • BAMBI News May 2020
    BAMBI News May 2020

    View PDF  Dear Readers, Welcome to May. Although Coronavirus has forced BAMBI to cancel all events, playgroups and activities, we are using this time to consider how we can better serve our members and the community at large. This has given us the time to support local charities, many of which are suffering at this […]