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  • BAMBI Magazine July-August 2021
    BAMBI Magazine July-August 2021

    View PDF   Dear Members, Welcome to the July/August edition. When it’s my turn to write, I normally mention where we are at in regards to reopening and closing due to COVID-19, but the situation has turned and changed so many times recently,  so it’s impossible to say yet with so many unknowns. In this month’s […]

  • BAMBI Magazine June 2021
    BAMBI Magazine June 2021

    View PDF   Dear BAMBI members,  This month we cover one of the most exhausting, inspiring, and transformational phases in a woman’s life: pregnancy! I have to admit that I never felt like pregnancy was the best stage of my life like so many women do. Those 42 weeks, yes 42 weeks! were full of […]

  • BAMBI Magazine May 2021
    BAMBI Magazine May 2021

    View PDF Welcome to the May issue!  This month’s theme is family, which for me and maybe for you, could be an emotional topic in these challenging times.  It has been over a year since the stay-at-home and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 were announced and significantly changed the way we connect with our families. […]

  • BAMBI Magazine April 2021
    BAMBI Magazine April 2021

    View PDF   Dear BAMBI members,  This month’s theme is one of my favorites: Nature!  Whilst I consider myself a “city rat” I often find myself craving contact with nature. It fills my soul and it might sound unbelievable but every time I go to the mountains, especially if there’s a river I automatically feel […]

  • BAMBI Magazine March 2021
    BAMBI Magazine March 2021

    View PDF   Welcome to March! One of the themes of this month’s edition is Play! As I am writing this we are about to reopen most of our playgroups and activities. They aren’t all going to be open just yet due to government restrictions, but we hope to have them all open again by […]

  • BAMBI Magazine February 2021
    BAMBI Magazine February 2021

    View PDF Dear BAMBI members, Who would have thought we were going to start 2021 like this. It’s definitely not the way we wanted, but we had been really lucky compared to other countries, and I personally think we still are. We had the great opportunity to enjoy some family time during the holidays and […]