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  • BAMBI Magazine September 2022
    BAMBI Magazine September 2022
    Dear valued members,  Welcome back and to our September issue! Was it just me or did that summer break go on for a long time? I hope you all spent a lot of quality time with your families. I know for some people, traveling back home or seeing extended family was something they were looking […]
  • BAMBI Magazine July/August 2022
    BAMBI Magazine July/August 2022
    Dear members, We are officially halfway through 2022 and time seems to be flying. Do you remember those goals you set last year or the New Year’s resolutions you were determined to keep all year long? Now is a great time to reflect on the past six months and see where you have succeeded and […]
  • BAMBI Magazine June 2022
    BAMBI Magazine June 2022
    Dear members,I hope you are all surviving this intense heat of the Thai summer. Having moved here three decades ago from a city with four seasons, having a year-long summer of different levels of intensity has its good and bad sides. But then again, I always personally preferred the sun over the rain.In this issue […]
  • BAMBI Magazine May 2022
    BAMBI Magazine May 2022
    Dear members,  Living in a multicultural city like Bangkok, I feel fortunate to be exposed to so many different cultures and customs. Something that seems to be at the heart of all cultures is food. Food brings us together, food plays a major part in celebrations, and food has the potential to make us feel […]
  • BAMBI Magazine April 2022
    BAMBI Magazine April 2022
    View PDF Dear members,There are two things to celebrate this month. One, BAMBI has finally reopened after a long period, and two, we are turning 40 years old!Both bring a smile to my face and hopefully to yours, too. Looking back at our history, you can see our core values haven’t changed. It is still our […]
  • BAMBI Magazine March 2022
    BAMBI Magazine March 2022
    View PDFDear members, Welcome to our March edition. Once again, due to not having enough volunteers and the continued COVID-19 variants holding us back, at the time of writing this letter, we took the difficult decision to pause the reopening of BAMBI. However, I hope that by the time you are reading this, we are in […]