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  • The Wonder of Waterbirth
    The Wonder of Waterbirth

    As we celebrate Songkran and the symbolic significance of water, midwife Emma McNerlin, explores the benefits of hydrotherapy for labour and the principles and practice of waterbirth for both mum and baby. By Emma McNerlin   It’s a common misconception that waterbirth is a new phenomenon, riding on the crest of the natural birth movement […]

  • Zika Virus and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know
    Zika Virus and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

    By now, we’ve all heard about Zika. What is it, and what does its presence mean? Bumps and Babies takes a closer look at the current evidence-based health advice for women who are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy in a Zika-affected area. By Emma McNerlin   With worrying reports of the cluster of 1,400 cases of Zika-related […]

  • To VBAC or Not to VBAC?
    To VBAC or Not to VBAC?

    With the advancements in surgical techniques, women with a straightforward pregnancy have a 75% chance of achieving vaginal birth following a C-section. What are some key considerations for this path? By Emma McNerlin   In 1916, a famous American obstetrician Edwin Cragin declared in the New York Medical Journal “Once a Caesarean always a Caesarean” […]

  • All Pain Is Not Suffering
    All Pain Is Not Suffering

    Labour pain is often demonized, but in truth, it is purposeful and does not inevitably lead to suffering if women are given empowerment and support. By Fran Safaie Working with expectant families in Bangkok as a birth doula, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and BAMBI volunteer, I hear a lot about pain and suffering. When discussing birth […]

  • What Exactly Is a Doula?
    What Exactly Is a Doula?

    Doula…what a funny word. What does it mean? What do they do? A BAMBI mom and resident doula explains to those of us who have never heard the word what this professional actually does for expecting mothers and why you should consider having one. By Rasee Govindani, certified doula   ​I have always had a hard […]

  • Dealing with Depression after Childbirth
    Dealing with Depression after Childbirth

    Learn to recognize and get help for postnatal depression, also referred to as postpartum depression, a depressive condition that can affect women after childbirth. By Dr. Donna Robinson   Women often experience low spirits after giving birth. However, the severity of the depression will vary between individuals. Mild feelings of so-called baby blues occur often […]