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  • Play…is a Child’s Work!
    Play…is a Child’s Work!
    Have you noticed how your kids seem to play a different way as they grow older? In this article, Dr. Blakemore explains the different stages and types of play and what benefits they can offer.By: Dr. Lynn BlakemoreThe concept of play can be difficult to define and we all have our perceptions of what play […]
  • Fostering Children’s Creative Growth
    Fostering Children’s Creative Growth
    Have you ever wondered about the best ways to encourage your child to grow creatively? Piyachat Finney writes about the ways you can be successful in doing this.By Piyachat FinneyAs a parent or caregiver, we all strive to boost our children’s creative growth to the best of our abilities. However, being a facilitator for your […]
  • Your Child’s Seven Senses in Learning
    Your Child’s Seven Senses in Learning
    Contrary to what we know, we have seven senses — not five. Find out what the other senses are and how they affect our children’s day-to-day activities. By Chiman Estephan and Camila Gutiérrez Did you know that your child has seven senses?  Most people think that children only have five senses — touch, sight, sound, […]