Express Your Love! BAMBI Moms & Dads Share their Family Love

Published on: February 14, 2017

BAMBI moms and dads share their love!

We know we love our children and our partners/spouses, but don’t necessarily have the chance or time to put it into words in our busy lives. So we asked some BAMBI moms and dads some questions and this is what they shared.

When do you feel loved by your child(ren)?

♥ When I tear up over a movie, or my toe hits a chair and I’m overcome with pain, she’s the first one to know. She comes and hugs and says “it’s OK Amma, don’t cry.” (Fasiha)

♥ When they hug me and tell me that I am the best mother in the world. (Akiko)

♥ Never! 🙂 (Antoine. His wife explains: “He teases [our daughter] a lot. So most of the time my daughter is saying ‘No Papa, No Papa’ :))

♥ My children tell me “I love you” all the time. (Kathy)

♥ My son is now a tweenager (11)…sometimes there is still a glimpse of the sweet boy in there, like when he will want a hug first thing in the morning, or when we travel home from school and he tells me all about his day—that’s when I feel like I’m winning as a mum. (Emma)

♥ When I go to pick him up from school and he smiles and comes running straight at me. (Roshni)

♥ When he snuggles up to me for storytime or reaches out to me in his sleep for a cuddle. (Megha)

♥ When I do something for them and their little faces light up with that special little smile and their eyes sparkle. (Donatella)

♥ When the little one asks me to come and play in his room with him. And when our boy hugs me strongly saying he wants to give me the biggest hug of the world. (Stephane)

♥ I feel loved every time our son offers me flowers he finds on the ground. (Alex)

♥ When we are spending time together and they are still happy to be with me. (Tatiana)

♥ When they want me to read to them, play with them, teach them something new. (Nicholas)

♥ When they come cuddling (sometimes they do), when they tease me. When I come home and they all happily yell “Papa!!” (Sebastian)

♥ I know it’s love when they only let ME change their dirty diaper, or when they cry, they wail “Mamaaaaaaaa!” whether I’m there or not! 🙂 (Ema)

What’s something you love about your child(ren)?

♥ Every single thing. (Antoine, Akiko, Tatiana)

♥ I love my son’s honesty, sense of humor and gentle nature. I love my daughter’s enthusiasm for almost everything, from going grocery shopping to checking the mail. (Kathy)

♥ I love his individuality, total lack of inhibition or willingness to conform or follow the crowd. My son definitely dances to the beat of his own drum…sometimes quite literally and usually as we are walking through a shopping mall. (Emma)

♥ The smell and the colour on the cheeks of the little one when he wakes up from his sleep. When the middle one starts saying ” Mummy, I have something to show you…” with a proud cheeky little face. When the oldest one explains to me the right order of the planets or checks how far did I get reading the Lord of the Rings… (Donatella)

♥ The way that they change a little bit every day but still remain the same beautiful little people. (Nicholas)

What do you love about your partner/spouse?

♥ My husband has been my best friend for over 10 years. He understands me the most. He appreciates my talents. (Fasiha)

♥ My husband is amazing, a beautiful man inside and out. He is a patient, funny, kind, father and husband who works hard for his family every day. (Kathy)

♥ Hands down his ability to make me laugh. He has a wicked sense of humour and a very sharp wit. He’s also a great dad…when you have kids you rediscover a new person in your partner, and thankfully in my case he was a good one! (Emma)

♥ I love my husband’s ability to foresee things both good and bad. (Roshni)

♥ His ability to take it light and keep a sense of humour in the toughest of situations. (Megha)

♥ Everything! (Donatella, Antoine)

♥ He laughs at my jokes and makes me feel witty and smart and silly. (Ema)

♥ He is still with me 🙂 Every day, for the last 15 years, he chooses to be with me and be happy together even if I’m not a picnic on the beach! (Tatiana)

♥ Her imagination. (Nicholas)

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