Rediscovering Yourself Through Mindfulness 自分らしく生きるための第一歩 ~自分の心と向き合っていますか?

Published on: September 10, 2020

“Mindfulness” is to let go of your inclinations and thoughts, and to know your true mind. But what does it really mean?  


By Tomoko Morikawa / Translated by Hanae Matsumura [日本語記事へ]  


I teach mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in my current profession. What do these two have in common? In a nutshell, they have a common purpose of “knowing your mind and choosing your action and way of life on your own.” In this article, I would like to focus on mindfulness. 


Why is it important to know your mind?

I could not fully understand this when I started learning mindfulness. I thought “Of course, I already know my mind!” But the reality was different. Since then, I realized that to know myself is to dig into myself, free from external expectations like “someone else says so” or “everyone’s doing this”; eventually I was able to get deep into my true mind which had been lost somehow.


I thought that I had achieved what I wanted to do in life—but actually, it was within the scope of “should-be” imprints. For me at that time, “success” was to enter a longed-for university and company, then build a career while juggling work and child-rearing. Now I think it is mere bias. It’s true that I gained a lot from that way of life, but as long as we live according to external values, we have to continue searching for the answer outside of ourselves, getting nervous about whether our actions are correct or not, or comparing ourselves with others.


Our family moved to the UK when my husband’s job got transferred. During that time, I got frustrated because I didn’t know what I should do although I pondered the idea to study something that could help my career when I returned to my home country. In hindsight, I was afraid of losing my full-time earnings and my occupational status. But then I started studying mindfulness, changed my career and started my current role on a part-time basis. I began to see how fulfilling my ‘new life’ is – to do what I find meaningful, to spend time with my children and to just enjoy everyday life. By looking straight into my mind, I let go of the inclinations of my thoughts and found what I wanted.


Let me share a more concrete idea about mindfulness.

One way to practice mindfulness is through meditation or to stay fully at the present moment without getting distracted by particular thoughts. The meditation technique is very simple: 1. Take your seat, 2. Bring your attention to your breath, 3. When a thought arises, be aware of it and label it as a “thought” in your mind and come back to your breath. You may start a new habit practicing this meditation technique for 10 minutes a day.


We have unintentionally fallen into many habitual thought patterns in our lives. In my case, I used to think that I have to keep building a full-time career and felt distressed when the circumstances changed. I was caught up with those viral thoughts, and it caused suffering. 


Mindfulness meditation is a practice to keep your attention on your breath and let go of thoughts when you realize they come up. By repeating this, you will be able to see your thinking process more clearly, and gradually become capable of letting go of those habitual thought patterns. Then you become more open minded and new ideas including those hidden within your mind would emerge. 


Beyond so many habitual thought patterns, through mindfulness, you can find your “basic goodness” or who you naturally are. Your true self cannot be found outside of yourself, but it is always there inside you. Why don’t you open up yourself, face your own mind and feel your true self?    


自分らしく生きるための第一歩 ~自分の心と向き合っていますか?



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