About Us

B.A.M.B.I. (Bangkok Mothers & Babies International) (1982)

…is a project of the Childbirth & Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand (CBFT). We are a non-profit organization run by volunteer parents. Our aim is to provide support and companionship for pregnant women and parents of young children of all nationalities in Bangkok. BAMBI supports all moms whatever their birth and baby feeding choices may be. At the same time, we promote what is considered by UNICEF, the WHO, and the Thai government as ‘best practice’ to promote and support healthy moms and babies. Read about our unique history.

Our goals

  • Support international and local parents, especially mothers, in learning about and navigating pregnancy and adjusting to life as new parents in Bangkok.
  • Provide social spaces for children and parents/caregivers to interact.
  • Help families new to Bangkok settle in by offering spaces to connect, share experiences, and get further support.
  • Nurture diversity as a multicultural organization.
  • Give back to our host country and support the well-being of disadvantaged Thai families and children.

We seek to achieve our goals through:

BAMBI will adapt its activities to better serve the needs of our members.

See our Constitution and browse the annual Chairwoman’s Reports.

Charity work

BAMBI is a non-profit organization. Surplus funds raised through membership, donations, and activities are donated to local charities which reflect BAMBI’s concerns and priorities in supporting mothers and children. In any given year, the committee may choose to focus on one or two charities as principle benefactors. BAMBI volunteers’ annual membership fees are also donated to a charity chosen by the committee. We are always looking for new ideas for worthy causes to support. Please let us know if you know of any non-profit organization which could use our help. For more information, please see our Charities page or contact charities@bambiweb.org.


BAMBI is managed by a member-elected group of volunteers. We welcome BAMBI members to join us in running this growing organization. Some positions require a larger time commitment, while others simply require that you have a smiling face and give a little time. Some can be fulfilled almost entirely from home, while others will have you out and about at various BAMBI functions and in the community. Please see our vacancies or contact us to see what you can do that best suits your interests and talents. You’ll be sure of a warm welcome!