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Cover of BAMBI Magazine February 2024

This February, keeping the many faces and phases of love in mind, we look at love between partners, parents and children, self-love, and even love for all our favorite things. We think this issue will be the perfect companion to your morning cup of tea and will inspire you to keep your faith in love through life’s ups and downs.

Fun Corner
Scissor skills worksheet for kids

Download this month's fun activity for kids. This time, we're practicing our scissor skills and our self-love!

A white woman and man having coffee

Managing life as a single, working mom doesn’t leave time for much else. Coco May tells us how a wink motivated her toward finding new love.

A South Asian woman hugging herself with her eyes closed and smiling

Jeannie looks at love from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine and provides some tips on how to nurture our bodies and minds to let love flow.

BAMBI Activities
Small dot paintings done on canvas

Parenthood can feel like a whirlwind, and when you add to it life as a busy expat in Bangkok, we can all too often find ourselves neglecting to take care of the most important member of the family—us! Luckily, BAMBI has thoughtfully crafted Me-Time workshops to support busy parents like you and offer opportunities for much-needed self-care.

Child development
A redheaded toddler girl pretending to talk on an ornate white and fold telephone

Kelly sits down with speech–language pathologist, Halie, to learn more about what to expect when our little ones learn to communicate and how we can support their language development.

Recipe Room
A dish of air-fried chicken with mashed potato and green beans

For many of us, eating together is an important way to connect with those we love. This simple but delicious meal is the perfect excuse for some quality time together this Valentine's Day.

Dad Diaries
A mother and father playing and throwing their toddler into the air

Love isn’t always roses and chocolates. Joe explains that rising with the roosters or mastering the art of poo-etry prove to be the unsung heroes of true love!

Reader's Corner
A long shelf filled with colorful books

Monthly book recommendations for parents and children from Bangkok's Neilson Hays Library.

The silhouttes of a man and woman standing close to each other in front on an orange sunset over water

Ha Trinh takes us on a journey of love as she shows us how she and her husband learned each other's love languages, which they are now teaching their daughter.