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Fun Corner

Download this month's fun activity for kids. This time, we're having fun with fashion!

Reader's Corner
A long shelf filled with colorful books

Monthly book recommendations for parents and children from Bangkok's Neilson Hays Library.

Poetic Journey
A train track surrounded by green trees and heading off into the distance below a blue sky

A poem by Cecilia Yu on making time for self-love.

Dad Diaries
A dad looking stressed about stains on his white T-shirt

This month, Joe Barker provides handy tips to navigate challenging child wardrobe changes while also making your family more fashion-forward.

Creation Station
A homemade apron

Get stylishly messy in the kitchen with Anelia and Johanna’s apron. It’s adjustable, easy to make, and will become your culinary sidekick!

Child development
A young Asian girl dressed in a comfortable top and loose shorts, swinging on a swing and smiling at the camera.

Liz believes that it’s essential to empower children through diverse clothing choices. Read how she unveils the impact of gender-stereotypes and the importance of autonomy in children’s fashion.

Child development

The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the popularity of homeschooling. Follow Jaqui as she explores alternative schooling with world-traveling families.

A person walking barefoot through a market

This month, Rachel Ofo suggests handy tips for those with slightly larger feet to leave their toe-woes behind.

Child development
A Chinese Australian toddler wearing a floppy hat, a long-sleeved shirt, and Thai-style pants printed with elephants.

Kids’ fashion choices are a colorful canvas of individuality. Discover a few practical ideas that help mom of one and entrepreneur Sheena embrace and celebrate her daughter’s unique style.

Cover of the BAMBI Magazine November 2023 issue

This November, BAMBI Magazine delves into the world of fashion and what it means for modern parents and their children. Turn the pages and read what parents around Bangkok are doing to successfully clothe themselves and their kids.