Playgroup Policies

To ensure that BAMBI Playgroups and Activities can be safely enjoyed by all, we have a few rules in place. Please review these carefully before setting out. If you have any questions regarding these policies, you can address them to or

Sick Child


Parents, we need your help! Kindly keep sick children home until they are well for at least 24-48 hours without medication for the well-being, health and safety of all children, expecting parents, and all event/playgroup participants. Children with runny nose, fever, diarrhea, cough and/or any contagious diseases should rest at home rather than play and socialize. Thank you for your help in keeping BAMBI Playgroups and Activities safe.  

Adult Supervision

Parents and guardians remain personally responsible for the supervision of children in their care during the BAMBI sponsored event. Neither BAMBI, its representatives, nor the venue will be liable for any personal injury or damages to personal property of anyone attending BAMBI events. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for any loss or damage to the property/facility committed by their child.  

Air Quality Policy

Given the unfortunate state of air quality in Bangkok during the cooler season, BAMBI has an air quality policy which dictates when BAMBI Playgroups and Activities must be automatically cancelled.  So please make sure you check the AQI before heading out!

  • When is the policy in effect? Between 1 November to 31 March of each year.
  • What App do I check? Please check the Air Quality Index for Bangkok at IQAir Air Visual App.


  • What time do I check the AQI? We will use the reading at 7:05am for the Playgroups and at 13:05pm for Activities.
  • What if the PM2.5 reading is 150 and higher? If the reading at 7:05am/13:05pm are 150 and above, certain BAMBI Playgroups and Activities will automatically be cancelled. Please see the chart below for details.






  • For PM2.5 reading of 180 or higher, all Playgroups and Activities are cancelled, except for The New Moon Postnatal Support Group, which are entirely indoors.


Participants at BAMBI-sponsored events are politely asked not to take pictures or video of other families’ children without the express permission of the parent/guardian, and to be mindful not to share pictures or video on social media that may have other families’ children in them. BAMBI photographers will often join playgroups, activities, and events to take photos, and are doing so with the permission of the BAMBI Committee. Some of these photos may be printed in the BAMBI News magazine and shared on Facebook. Guardians may ask the photographer directly in case they wish not to have their/kids photos taken. Parents who would like to remove their photo from BAMBI media should contact  

General Disclaimer

BAMBI is a project of the Childbirth & Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand, which welcomes speakers and facilitators from all areas to provide information of interest to BAMBI members and non-members. BAMBI does not endorse the views of any external facilitators; we are a neutral organization here to provide you with a network of information and people. Please do not seek medical advice from anyone not medically trained. Always consult your doctor with any health concerns.