(As amended at the Extraordinary General Meeting 10 March 1994)
(As amended at the Extraordinary General Meeting 9 March 1995)
(As amended at the Extraordinary General Meeting 13 March 1997)
(As amended at the Extraordinary General Meeting 12 November 1998)
(As amended at the Extraordinary General Meeting 8 August 2002)
(As amended at the Extraordinary General Meeting 27 March 2008)
(As amended at the Extraordinary General Meeting 27 September 2012)
(As amended at the Annual General Meeting 30 March 2017)
(As amended at the Annual General Meeting 8 June 2020)
(As amended at the Annual General Meeting 20 April 2022)



1.1.  BAMBI is a project of the Childbirth and Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand (CBFT).

1.2.  BAMBI is a non-profit-making group.


1.3.  The group is named BAMBI (formerly Bangkok Mothers and Babies International.


1.4.  The office of BAMBI is at a place determined by the committee.



2.1.  To provide prenatal and postnatal support.

2.2.  To provide support and advice to the parents of babies and young children.

2.3.  To provide information relating to childbirth and childcare.

2.4.  To support and promote educational programs designed to assist in establishing high quality childcare. 

2.5.  To encourage the provision of playgroups for young children. 

2.6.  To sponsor activities beneficial to the members of BAMBI.

2.7.  To support charitable organizations in Thailand involved with family or child welfare. This may include making financial contributions where appropriate.




3.1.  Membership is open to any person interested in pursuing the objectives of BAMBI.

Application for membership

3.2.  Applicants for membership submit a registration form.

3.3.  Applicants for membership become members on payment of an annual subscription.

Categories of membership

3.4.  There are three categories of membership:

i. Ordinary member;
ii. Overseas member;
iii. Honorary member.

Ordinary Member

3.5.  An ordinary member is an individual resident in Thailand who has paid the subscription referred to in article 3.3.

Overseas Member

3.6.  An overseas member is an individual not resident in Thailand who has paid the subscription referred to in article 3.3.

Honorary Member

3.7.  An honorary member is an individual nominated by the committee and elected by a simple majority vote of members at the annual general meeting (AGM), or at an extraordinary general meeting (EGM). An honorary member is exempt from the payment of subscriptions for life.

3.8.  Mrs Melanie Habanananda is appointed patron for life. She is exempt from the payment of annual subscriptions.

Termination of Membership

3.9.  A membership becomes inactive when:

i. the annual subscription is unpaid.

A membership ceases when:
i. a resignation is received by the committee;
ii. a member leaves Thailand, unless arrangements are made to continue as an overseas members;
iii. a member dies;
iv. a member is expelled.


3.10.  The committee may expel a member whose continued membership is considered detrimental to BAMBI by a three-quarters vote of all committee members.

3.11.  The committee must give the member 14 days notice of the date of the meeting at which their expulsion will be voted upon, together with a statement of the reasons for their proposed expulsion. The member may attend the committee meeting in order to refute these reasons.

3.12.  The member may appeal against the decision at a general meeting of BAMBI called at the request of ten members. The meeting will determine the appeal by a vote of three-quarters of the members present.

Rights and Obligations of Members

3.13.  Within the scope of the objectives of BAMBI, members have the right to:

i. receive support, advice and information;
ii. express their opinion, make recommendations to the committee and propose motions at any general meeting of BAMBI.

3.14.  Members have a duty to:

i. comply with this constitution, and;
ii. support, as appropriate, the activities of BAMBI.

Membership records

3.15.  A record of members including all chapter members shall be kept by the committee.



4.1.  Ordinary and overseas members make payment of subscriptions annually. The committee may exempt any member from payment of subscriptions.

4.2.  (Amendment made at the 2022 AGM on 20 April 2022) Committee members who wish to continue to serve on the committee upon expiry of their annual membership are exempt from the payment of the annual renewal fee. This membership will be terminated when the volunteer steps down from their role on the committee.



Annual General Meeting (AGM)

5.1.  The annual general meeting will be held in the month of March each year to approve the minutes of the last AGM, to receive the annual report of the committee on the affairs and activities of BAMBI, to consider and approve the financial statement, to elect a new committee and to conduct any other business arising.

5.2.  The committee is to advise members of the date, time and venue of the AGM not less than 14 days prior to the date of the meeting. Notice is deemed given if sent to the contact addresses given of members currently listed as active.

Election of New Committee

5.3.  The outgoing committee will appoint a person as returning officer to receive nominations for the election to the committee and to organize the election. 

5.4.  Where the person appointed returning officer is a member of BAMBI, they may not stand for election to the committee.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

5.5.  The committee, on its own behalf, or at the request of ten members, may call an extraordinary general meeting. The committee is to advise members of the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting no less than 14 days prior to the date of the meeting. 


5.6.  A quorum for all meetings consists of no less than 30 members.

5.7.  If, after one hour following the scheduled start time of the meeting, there is not a quorum, the meeting is postponed for seven days, and if held at the same hour and place, then no further notification is required. Irrespective of attendance at the subsequent meeting, a quorum is deemed to exist.


5.8.  Voting at a general meeting is by show of hands, unless the chair, or not less than one-quarter of the members present request a vote by secret ballot.


5.9.  Motions are carried by a simple majority vote of members present at the meeting, unless otherwise prescribed by the constitution. Where there is a tied vote, the chair has the casting vote.

The Chair

5.10.  The chairwoman of BAMBI chairs all general meetings. Where the chairwoman is absent, then the vice chairwoman acts on her behalf. Where both the chairwoman and vice chairwoman are absent, then the secretary or treasurer (in respective order) chairs the meeting. Where all four are absent, a member of the committee appointed by the chairwoman chairs the meeting.



Appointment of the Committee

6.1.  A committee, consisting of not less than nine and not more than 15 persons, administrates the affairs of BAMBI. The committee is elected at the AGM from among members.
*Committee members are not personally liable for acts or omissions except where they involve fraud or criminal negligence.

6.2.  Nominations for election to the committee may be made at the AGM. Nominations not made at the AGM must be in writing. There must be a proposer and seconder who are members of BAMBI. Nominees, if not present at the AGM, must consent in writing to their nomination. Nominees receiving the highest number of votes form the committee. 

6.3.  Each position in the committee has one vote. If the position is shared by several persons, then they share one vote.

Composition of the Committee

6.4.  The committee comprises the chairwoman, the vice chairwoman (if nominated), the secretary, the treasurer, and at least four but not more than eleven other members. 

6.5.  A member cannot serve on the committee for more than three consecutive years in the same post, nor the chairwoman for more than two consecutive years. In the case of a post not being filled, the committee may co-opt by unanimous decision, a member for a fourth year, and chairwoman for a third year. 

6.6.  Subject to Article 6.5. above, a retiring committee member is eligible for reelection to the committee.

Termination of Committee Membership

6.7.  Committee members cease to hold office on:

i. expiration of their term of office;
ii. resignation from the committee;
iii. termination of membership of BAMBI.

Casual Vacancies

6.8.  The committee may appoint a member to the committee to fill a vacancy.


6.9.  A quorum for committee meetings consists of not less than one half of its members.

6.10.  Motions and decisions of the committee are by a majority vote. If there is a tied vote, the chair has the casting vote.


6.11.  The chairwoman of BAMBI chairs all general meetings. Where the chairwoman is absent, then the vice chairwoman acts on her behalf. Where both the chairwoman and vice chairwoman are absent, then the secretary or treasurer (in respective order) chairs the meeting. Where all four are absent, a member of the committee appointed by the chairwoman chairs the meeting.

6.12.  The committee will hold meetings at least once every two months. The chairwoman or a committee member acting on her behalf, or on behalf of at least four members of the committee, may call additional meetings at any time.

Powers and Duties of the Committee

6.13.  The committee is empowered to:

i. manage and regulate the affairs and property of BAMBI;
ii. appoint committee members to various positions on the committee;
iii. authorize committee members to sign official documents on behalf of BAMBI;
iv. appoint member(s) as Bumps & Babies coordinator(s), who will serve as an ex officio member of the committee. If more than one coordinator is appointed, then they share one vote;
v. approve the vice chairwoman, who is invited by the chairwoman.

Powers and Duties of the Office Bearers

6.14.  Chairwoman

The chairwoman exercises general supervision over the affairs of BAMBI. She represents BAMBI in its external relations. She may choose, at her personal discretion, to invite a vice chairwoman and share roles and responsibilities as she deems fit.

6.15. Vice chairwoman

The vice chairwoman is responsible for all functions as assigned by and mutually agreed with the chairwoman. In absence of the chairwoman, she is the acting chairwoman. Her appointment is strictly by invitation from the chairwoman and will be renewed every six months. The vice chairwoman has to be approved by the committee.

6.16.  Secretary

The secretary is responsible for managing the affairs of BAMBI, including ensuring accurate records are kept of BAMBI’s organizations and activities, taking minutes of the meetings, dealing with correspondence and organizing meetings.

6.17.  Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of BAMBI. She acts as cashier and bookkeeper and administers BAMBI’s bank accounts.

Additional Roles

6.18.  Patron

The patron acts as advisor and consultant to the committee and to BAMBI.

Bank Account

6.19.  All monies are to be kept in an account with a commercial bank approved by the committee and located in Bangkok.

6.20.  The account can be operated by any two of the following signatories:

i. chairwoman;
ii. secretary;
iii. treasurer;
iv. vice chairwoman or one other committee member;
v. (Amendment made at the 2022 AGM on 20 April 2022) a minimum of two and maximum of three members of the executive board.



7.1.  Members may alter the constitution by a motion passed by not less than two-thirds of the members present at an AGM or an EGM called for the purpose.

7.2.  The committee must notify members of a motion to amend the constitution no less than 14 days prior to the meeting at which the motion is to be put.



8.1.  The committee will dissolve BAMBI if:

i. the committee recommends dissolution at a general meeting of BAMBI and the recommendation is approved by not less than three-quarters of all the members;
ii. BAMBI becomes bankrupt.

8.2.  For the purpose of approving the recommendation referred to in Article 8.1., sub-paragraph i., members can vote by giving their proxy to a member who will be present at the general meeting.

8.3.  Where BAMBI is dissolved by a vote of membership, any monies remaining after payment of debts, in an account in BAMBI’s name, will be donated by the committee to an appropriate charitable organization in Thailand.

8.4.  The dissolution of BAMBI shall include the dissolution of any and all chapters created and in existence at the date of dissolution pursuant to Article 8.



9.1.  A general meeting is to be called within 90 days of this constitution to elect a committee.

9.2.  The term of office of the committee elected in accordance with Article 9.1. runs until March of the following year. At the time, an AGM is to be held in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.



10.1.  The committee may, upon written request of no less than 25 members, consider an application for the establishment of a BAMBI chapter. Such application must fulfil the conditions set out in Article 10.2 hereof.

10.2.  Any group of members seeking to establish a chapter shall observe the following:

i. all potential members of the chapter must reside in a geographical area outside the Bangkok Metropolitan Area;
ii. any such other criteria as the committee deems appropriate.

10.3.  Having determined that the application fulfils the above criteria, the committee shall, if it considers that the establishment of a chapter is in the best interests of BAMBI and its members, confirm the creation of the chapter and notify the members accordingly.


10.4.  A chapter may do the following:

i. organize and encourage the establishment of playgroups;
ii. establish an ad hoc committee of no more than five members to oversee the administration of the chapter;
iii. report annually to the BAMBI AGM;
iv. collect membership donations for delivery to the BAMBI treasurer;
v. levy and collect any donations and other funds and deliver the same, exclusive of any expenses incurred in conducting activities;
vi. undertake activities to raise donations for BAMBI charities;
vii. undertake all activities in a manner which upholds the objectives of BAMBI.


10.5.  Chapter members shall be ordinary members of BAMBI and shall continue to have the same rights, duties and obligations as ordinary members who are not members of a chapter.

10.6.  Chapter members and any ad hoc committee established by the chapter shall be bound by the constitution.



11.1.  No advertising or donations, BAMBI events or promotions are to take place with private hospitals.

11.2.  There may be no donations, talks, promotions or advertising from a company or member/employee of a company that manufactures, sells or advertises baby milk formula and related products, e.g., bottles, teats.

11.3.  If a speaker is invited to give a talk to the BAMBI group, the content of their talk should not include promotion of formula feeding.

11.4.  Private speakers should be notified of the BAMBI and the Childbirth & Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand policies.  



(Adopted at Annual General Meeting on 29 March 2018) BAMBI is a project of Childbirth and Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand (CBFT) a non-profit networking and resource organisation dedicated to ensuring the best possible start in life for babies.  BAMBI is built on the principle of offering support and companionship to parents in Bangkok, throughout the early years of parenting. Providing networks of meet-ups and events catering for families with small children our aim is to provide encouragement and friendship through the common bond of parenting.  We exist to service the needs of our members and where possible to provide funds to charitable efforts that help to support families in need in Bangkok. We operate solely thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers who recognise the value of our aims and give their time and skills freely to support BAMBI and its members. The Committee and wider volunteer community at BAMBI recognise the importance of conducting our efforts in a spirit of fairness and integrity and as such we are committed to:
  • Act honestly, truthfully and with integrity in all our efforts for BAMBI
  • Reserve the right to refuse to advertise or collaborate with any Third party whose products or services are not aligned to the values of BAMBI and Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand 
  • Not profit personally; either directly or indirectly from a third party, through offers of discount, monetary incentive or non-financial benefit unless same benefit is available to all BAMBI members.  
  • Declare all third-party gifts with a monetary value above 1,000bht to the Secretary for committee approval.
  • Not offering endorsement by BAMBI to any third-party company providing services to BAMBI or its members, and not allowing direct selling or overt marketing of goods or services at any BAMBI event or through BAMBI publications (print and online). 
  • Treat fellow volunteers and users of our services with respect and dignity.
  • Act with fiscal responsibility, prudently using funds to enhance our members’ experience and supporting charitable causes relevant to our values. 
  • Protect the Confidentiality of member personal information, never sharing this with third parties. 
  • Conduct our efforts in an open transparent manner, making decisions democratically as a committee with the best interests of our members in mind.
  • Operate within the Law 
  • Investigate any alleged breaches of this code in a fair and timely manner.    


It is recognised that volunteers have broad interests outside of BAMBI and may participate directly or indirectly in a range of community and business activities. We value the contribution and perspective that such experience brings to BAMBI but also recognize the potential for conflicts of interest to arise. In all such cases, volunteers are required to immediately declare any interests which directly conflict with their role within BAMBI to the Chairwoman who reserves the right to disclose such interests to the committee for consideration.