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Dear members,

Can you believe we are just a couple of weeks away from Christmas?! Where did the year go?

This month, we continue to explore the theme of parenting. If I’m honest, I feel my parenting always evolves with life changes like going from one child to two, and then going back to work. For example, my first born would never miss her 7pm bedtime, but lately, if it means I can get the last cuddle of the day or read a bedtime story together, I’m more flexible with a slightly later time.

The team held the first Halloween event since 2019, and most recently, the Festive 40th. I would like to thank you all for your continued support of BAMBI. A lot of work goes into organizing these events to ensure our members and their families have a great time, and I would like to personally thank Chiaki and Sara for leading the events. I would also like to thank the entire volunteer team for their assistance.

Again, thanks for a wonderful year to our members and to our wonderful volunteers who contribute to the running of BAMBI each and every day.

Merry Christmas and Happy 40th year, BAMBI.


BAMBI executive board


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