BAMBI Magazine February 2023

Dear members,

Welcome to our February issue!

As we all know, it’s the month of Valentine’s Day. How do you celebrate ‘love’ in your culture? In Japan, there is a custom that women express their feelings to men by giving them chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but nowadays it’s not only in romantic relationships. Valentine’s Day is a day to give chocolate to show our love and appreciation to families and friends as well!

In this issue, we explore ‘love’ as a journey. It’s hard to express what ’love’ is in words; it can be associated with honesty, trust, respect, and so on. But these words, along with others are vague and don’t fully explain what ‘love’ is. Love can come in many different forms. How each of us loves and wants to be loved can vary, as can what or who we love.

I can say that the people I love are always in my heart even when I’m physically away from them. I always want to support them as much as I can and wish for their happiness and success.

Let me say thank you to everyone I met in Bangkok, as I return to my home country next month. I got married, left my job, and first arrived to Thailand in early April 2018. By the end of April, I’d found out I was pregnant, returned to Japan, and given birth in Japan in December 2018. I was apart from my husband for about two years during the COVID lockdown. It was not easy, but I was able to overcome all the difficulties because there was always someone who supported me here.

BAMBI is looking for new volunteers. These include a new activities coordinator and other various positions! I’ve enjoyed being on the playgroup, treasurer, and activities team as a BAMBI volunteer. I changed teams depending on my son’s age and my routine. It was such a valuable experience with amazing people. It’s a great opportunity to start something new! 


BAMBI Activities Coordinator