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Dear members,


Welcome to the July/August issue. I hope that by the time you receive this issue, you are enjoying the summer break with your family and you are not too exhausted!


I know many of you are traveling to your own country, visiting family, and catching up with friends. Summer is a wonderful break from the academic routine and gives us many opportunities to enjoy spending quality time together, make memories, explore new and exciting places, and learn more about who we are and where we live.


In this issue, we are looking at the knowledge and skills we need for life in the real world. We all want our kids to have happy, fulfilling lives. However, a lot of children are confused by everything that is available to them online, on social media, and on YouTube. There is so much content out there that it has become difficult to make sense of what is based on fact, half-truths, or lies. This is why it’s now so important to learn how to understand the difference.


As a parent, I always check the highlights of the week from my child’s teacher, and sit down with my son to ask questions about what he has learned at school. Is what he is learning carefully constructed to accurately reflect real-life situations? Do the experiences and challenges he’s given encourage engaging and creative exploration? Developing critical thinking skills and learning how to meet the challenges of living in a diverse, complex world are the most important lessons for me. Learning practical life skills is also important, such as how to take care of ourselves, how to communicate properly, how to maintain good relationships with friends, and how to deal with mistakes and stress.


Growing up with traditional Asian parents, I was not allowed to speak up about my feelings or opinions and had to obey my parents at all times. But by learning from my own experience and seeing how other parents are raising their children, I’m raising my own children differently to how I was raised. Being part of the BAMBI community helps with that.


At this time of year, we usually have to say goodbye to some of our wonderful volunteers, and at the same time, many new volunteers join in! This year is no different, so if you have some free time and passion to spare, we are always looking for more volunteers to help us run the BAMBI community. Please reach out to us if you are interested.


I hope you have a great summer whether you are traveling or staying in Thailand.



BAMBI executive board


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