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Dear members,

Hello! As BAMBI’s database coordinator, most of the ways I support BAMBI are from behind my laptop screen. I activate memberships, support our amazing volunteers who lead all of our BAMBI activities, and manage plenty other
membership tasks. So while I may not get to meet many members in person, chances are I have sent you an email. I feel lucky to have the chance to connect with all of you this month!

Somehow we are already in the third month of 2023. The excitement and newness of a new year starts to fade around this time, and for me, I am starting to feel the reality of our family’s day-to-day routine back in motion.

March also brings International Women’s Day—a chance for the causes and issues that affect women most to be brought into the spotlight. As I come closer to my 40th birthday this October, I see more and more how my ability to enjoy my day is tied to my health. I can more clearly feel the effects of a very active 39 years and two healthy and happy kids. While I am quick to schedule any doctor appointments my kids may need, I am slow to make the time to take care of my own health. To other women, I am the first to say: listen to your body, rest and recover, find physicians you trust. But of course, I miss these as my own priorities.

This week though, I spent time scheduling my own appointments and definitely felt a sense of relief taking control of my health. So here is the reminder to prioritize your own health and well-being. Be an advocate for yourself; create the time and space to seek the resources you need. For BAMBI, March also means our Annual General Meeting where we recap 2022 and confirm plans for the future. As a BAMBI member, you are invited to attend, and we hope you will consider joining us.

Thank you for being a part of BAMBI!


BAMBI database coordinator


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