BAMBI Magazine November 2023


Hi everyone!

It feels like it was just summer and now Halloween has already been and gone!
I hope you all had lots of fun at the BAMBI Superhero Halloween party this year.
A big shout-out to the entire BAMBI events team for all their hard work putting
together another fantastic party!

This month’s issue is centered around the topic of “fashion and you”. This is a topic
of interest to me personally as I love to get dressed, dress up, and just look good for
myself. Making time for this makes me feel great!

Fashion is one of my favorite ways to express myself, and at a time when my body
and identity were changing, it was more important to me than ever. I went through
my pregnancy never really wearing maternity clothes because the styles I found
didn’t inspire me, but I loved the challenge of styling clothes that did. It was fun to
disguise my baby bump some days and accentuate it on others!

Even throughout my two-year-and-nine-month breastfeeding journey, I tried to
maintain my fashion style. I chose a nursing cover with a modern pattern I liked, and
I looked for nursing tops that I felt good in.

Now, as a busy working mom, I’m still intentional about how I dress, and I love using
style to break down stereotypes. I’ve been told so many times that I “don’t dress like
a mom”, and I like to tell people that I can be a mom AND still be me!

The world of fashion and style is changing all the time, just like we are. Wherever
you’re at on your personal journey, I hope you stay well, happy, and invest some time
in doing something you love too.

Enjoy the last two months of 2023!

BAMBI executive board / playgroups coordinator

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