BAMBI News February 2016

Published on: February 03, 2016

View PDF   Dear Members, In February last year, in this very specific column, I ‘complained’ about my husband saying that he is not the romantic kind-of–guy and even on my birthday which falls in February, he doesn’t get me a birthday gift. He will keep his generous giveaways for other occasions, not romantic ones, and won’t title them as ‘gifts’ (instead of saying “honey, look what a special present I got for you – a new phone!”, he would just say “There you go – you need a new phone!”). So when he told me that he’ll have a business trip to London in February and asked if I would like to join – I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and mentioned: “well, now I could at least say to everyone that you took me to London for my birthday..!”. We both know it is not for my birthday, and if the business trip had fallen in April – he would still have offered for me to join. But who cares. I got a trip to London from my husband for my birthday! Isn’t it nice of him? I am looking forward for my trip, I must say. Although it will be a short trip – only 4-5 days, I feel that a few days kid-free will be nice for a change, visiting grown-up oriented places and not the usual kid’s attractions. And since my last trip to London was around 12-14 years ago – I am really excited to tour the city and enjoy its sights and flair. I am also very much looking forward to meeting up with three girlfriends of mine – all were friends whom I got to know in Bangkok (two are my old BAMBI Committee fellows). All 3 of them went back to England after some years in the Land of Smiles. We already scheduled our English tea meetings and meeting them will be so lovely. Living in the expat community in Bangkok allows you to get to know people from all over the world – and once they go back to their countries or move on to a new destination – you then have friends spread all around the world. It is so nice to know that wherever I travel in the world – I will most probably have the opportunity of meeting an old friend there. *** I trust you enjoyed our BAMBI New Year Party last month. I would like to thank our event coordinator – Akiko.T, and Tini – for helping organise this event. It was definitely a good start to 2016. More thanks I wish to send to two volunteers who stepped down recently from their positions: Yohko Kuno Sonobe – the Coordinator of the Yard Sales and Bazaar last year, and Ebonny Blakey – Photo Editor of BAMBI News. They both did time-consuming roles in BAMBI and contributed a lot from their talents. Thank you, ladies, and good luck in your new ventures. Happy Valentine’s everyone and happy birthday to me!   Ravit El-Bachar Daniel   View PDF