BAMBI News June 2019

Published on: June 28, 2019

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Dear readers,

This is my last letter to you all as BAMBI Vice Chairwoman as my two-year tenure has come to an end and it’s time to let someone else help to take BAMBI in a new direction.

In total, I have spent 4 years volunteering for BAMBI both in Bumps and Babies and in leadership. It’s fitting then that the theme of the magazine this month is work-life balance.

It is time for me to seek out new opportunities and find a new balance in my life.

Living and working abroad brings about greater than average change. People come into our lives and leave again as they find new opportunities and as parents, we must manage our families through constant transitions.

The good news is that we are surrounded by people facing the same challenges.

In Bangkok, I have been proud to be part of BAMBI and witness how the BAMBI community has supported families in Bangkok through transitions and times of change, whether it be a new mum returning to work, settling kids in school or saying goodbye when new horizons call.

I am remaining in Bangkok and I’m excited to see what my post BAMBI life here will bring, though BAMBI will remain close to my heart.

Best wishes,

Emma, BAMBI Vice Chairwoman


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