BAMBI News November 2015

View PDF  Dear Members,One day in November last year, I got an early morning phone call at 5am. For me it felt as if it was actually still the middle of the night.... Still half asleep I picked up the phone and heard my neighbour's voice. I thought something terrible had happened and she needed my help. She said something about the second turkey that is not ready yet asking if she can use my oven. What turkey? What oven? “Thanksgiving Turkey!” answered my neighbour. “I promised my two daughters I would send turkey to their classes today to mark Thanksgiving, but I need another oven to cook the second one. I am running out of time... Can I use your oven?” “Ok”, I said yawning, thinking she is still jetlagged from her recent trip, given the odd hour. “When would you like to use it?” “Can I come now?” “NOW?!?!” Oh, well, this took me by surprise. “Just give me ten minutes to get up and dress”. And ten minutes later I watched my oven tanning a nice turkey... After two more hours, it was ready to be sent to school. Right on time.Although we are not American, on that Thanksgiving day, we had a tasty dinner at my neighbor’s home. I guess she felt she owed me as I 'saved' her school turkeys...In November, two holidays are celebrated in Thailand and both share similar values: gratitude; being thankful.Thanksgiving – the American holiday which some of us enjoy adopting, and Loy Krathong – the Thai festival which is one of the more colorful and exciting holidays I have enjoyed ever since my first year in Bangkok.The tradition says that floating the Krathong is a symbol of letting go of past misdeeds and negative thoughts and thanking the Goddess of Water. If it is your first year in Thailand, do not miss this festival. You can enjoy it at any of the parks next to the lakes or ponds or by the Chao Praya river.This month gives us a good opportunity to focus on what we are thankful for in our lives. It is not often that we stop for a moment and thank ourselves, our friends and family and our luck. Take a moment for yourself this month and think positive thoughts of gratitude!And with this thankful spirit, I would like to thank our Events team – Akiko.T & Chiharu for putting up a wonderful Halloween party last month; and Yohko for organising the upcoming BAMBI Bazaar this month. Please enjoy this shopping (and selling) opportunity of handicrafts, art, fashion items, kids stuff, home decor and more. All are new items and can be given as gifts during the holiday season. I would like to welcome Jinae Higashino to the Editorial team, thank you for stepping up! A warm farewell to Samreen Abbasi who volunteered for BAMBI as Treasurer assistant & Playgroup leader, and will relocate to Australia soon. We will miss her.With Thanks and Gratitude, Ravit El-Bachar Daniel View PDF