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Dear members,


As I write this, I'm sitting by the sideline of the futsal pitch, waiting for my four-year-old to finish soccer practice and feeling the effects of the excessive heat warnings that have been looming all week. The temperature supposedly reads 34°C, but trust me, it feels even hotter. 


This month's edition of our magazine focuses on preparing for the summer break, which is a good chance for parents to create lasting memories with their children. And while Bangkok offers a plethora of outdoor activities that can make for beautiful family times, it’s crucial to be mindful of the heat, which can often put a damper on plans. 


I've learned to always carry a water bottle and have spare clothes for my son, who, like me, sweats profusely. Minimizing the hot–cold shock by allowing him to change before entering air-conditioned spaces has proved to be a game changer in avoiding post-heat discomfort and illnesses. 


I also plan our activities and outings to limit our exposure to the sun’s heat and UV radiation. After 4pm, parks and beaches become delightful havens, while indoor playgrounds, the aquarium, and of course BAMBI playgroups offer respite during the peak heat of the day. 


Despite all our best plans, as parents we also have to bear in mind nap times, meal times, and sometimes the fact that our little ones are just not in the mood for activities on a particular day. So in the end, often the best way to be prepared is to be flexible and go with the flow.


And if you ever want to have fun, but find planning an activity too stressful, let BAMBI take over and provide the fun for your family. Keep an eye out for our upcoming pop-up events and new playgroups designed especially for little ones.


Here's to navigating the summer break with ease and making the most of every memorable moment!



BAMBI website coordinator

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