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Saffron Ice Cream

by Rashin Kheiriyeh


Cover image of the book "Saffron Ice Cream" by Rashin Kheiriyeh

From the Caspian Sea to Coney Island, this vibrant picture book dives into the life of a young girl who has recently moved from Iran to the United States. She observes the stark contrast between transportation, beach etiquette, and of course, ice cream flavors! Amidst all of these differences she learns that some of the dearest things, like family and friendships, remain constant.

An autobiographical tale, Rashin Kheiriyeh’s vivid illustrations and thoughtful storytelling is relatable for any parent or child who has grappled with big life changes. Whether it’s moving to a new country, changing schools, or saying farewell to dear family and friends, this book validates feelings of nostalgia and grief. It also teaches the important lesson of appreciating differences and celebrating our roots. 

Published by Arthur A. Levine Books in May 2018. Written and illustrated by Rashin Kheiriyeh. “Saffron Ice Cream” is suitable for ages 4–10. A hardcover copy can be found in the Children’s Corner of the Neilson Hays Library.

Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers The Wisdom Of French Parenting

by Pamela Druckerman

Cover image of the book "Bringing Up Bebe" by Pamela Druckerman

This collection of international journalist Pamela Druckerman’s musings as an American parenting in Paris became an instant bestseller and earned Druckerman a spot on Time’s Most Influential list. After noticing that French children seemed more adaptable and French parents appeared less anxious, Druckerman went on a quest to uncover their secret. For three years, she took copious notes in a notebook tucked in her diaper bag. “Bringing Up Bébé” is the culmination of the nuggets of wisdom she observed.

 This book has also been published in the UK under the title “French Children Don’t Throw Food”. Druckerman’s other works include “Lust In Translation: Infidelity from Tokyo to Tennessee” (2007) and “There Are No Grown-Ups: A Midlife Coming-of-Age Story” (2018). Each of these books is presented in her entertaining, witty, and charming writing style. Her years of expat life spanning multiple continents lends perspective to her detailed observations of contrasting cultural norms. This funny and thought-provoking book is worth checking out, even if readers don’t fully adopt the “French” way of parenting.

Published by Penguin Books in September 2012. “Bringing Up Bébé” is the second book by journalist Pamela Druckerman. This and Druckerman’s other best-selling books can be found in the non-fiction section of the Neilson Hays Library. 

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Prepared by Angela Chen, a Neilson Hays Library Board Member and the Children’s Program Chair.

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