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Melissa & Doug Nesting & Sorting Garages & Cars

By Kelly, mother of Freya (3) and Daisy (4 months)

A White toddler playing with nesting toys


Buying toys is tricky, especially here in Thailand where popular brands are imported and expensive. Raise your hand if you ever thought you had bought your child the perfect toy, but they were bored with it after a day. Then it sat around collecting dust until you mustered up the energy to post it on the sales board. When my daughter turned one, we chose to get her a busy board, which kept her busy for all of about ten minutes.


Imagine my surprise and delight that another first birthday present is still going strong two years later! The Melissa & Doug Nesting & Sorting Garages & Cars set is the ultimate versatile toy that grows with your child. Initially my daughter enjoyed just knocking down the towers we built. But in the two years since, it has helped her practice colors, matching, sorting, and counting. Now at age three, she independently builds towers, parks the cars, and loves practicing her numbers.


The only downside we’ve found is the garages are made of a sturdy cardboard, and two years of play has worn them down a bit. I can’t recommend this toy highly enough, and I hope it brings your family as much joy and laughter as we have experienced.


Photo courtesy of the author.



Upon A Tale

By Diane, mother of Marty (2)

A White toddler playing on a slide at an outdoor cafe


If you're looking for an outdoor café with plenty of space for your children to run around in, Upon A Tale is a great choice—we love it and take our son there most weeks. Just off Nang Linchi road, the café is set in an open-air structure. The garden is equipped with a tree house climbing frame and zip line which my son loves, swings, and a slide. Trees and surrounding buildings provide shade.


Additionally, there are wooden blocks, books, tricycles, a chalkboard, and for older children, an air hockey table. There are child-size dining and picnic tables and chairs, and comfy sofas.


Foodwise, the selection is a mix of Thai and Western, with spaghetti, rice and omelet, and smoothies to please the children—my son especially likes the mango-yogurt one. Adults can partake in the wine list, which makes it a good choice for family birthday celebrations! It's a popular venue for private events so check their Facebook page for upcoming closures.


Photo courtesy of the author.



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