BAMBI Magazine September 2022

Dear valued members, 

Welcome back and to our September issue!

Was it just me or did that summer break go on for a long time?

I hope you all spent a lot of quality time with your families. I know for some people, traveling back home or seeing extended family was something they were looking forward to after being apart for so long.

If I compare where we were last year, things are looking up. Even for BAMBI, the team has worked tirelessly to continue keeping all playgroup activities and events running as safe as possible for the community, and we are always working on new ideas to bring our core values to life each day. 

Having returned back to work full time, I am trying to juggle mom life, work life and BAMBI life as best as I can. It's not easy to manage all three together, but letting go of being a part of the BAMBI community is also not easy, so I always spare 30 minutes to catch up on the magazine. It's always a wonderful read.

This edition we explore pregnancy and birth across the globe. Having both my pregnancies and delivering here, I can honestly say the experiences were positive. Even when child number two spent five days in the NICU, the care and support was amazing! 

If you need any support, our Bumps team–an asset to BAMBI!– provides a lot of valuable information. So if you are expecting or have just given birth, I highly suggest reaching out to them. 

Happy reading. If you are sending the children back to school, I hope you are able to indulge in some ‘me time’ too. 


BAMBI Executive Board