BAMBI News February 2017

Published on: February 11, 2017

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Dear members,

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about love. It’s partly because I had to write this letter for the magazine, but also because I’m pregnant with my second baby and soon we’ll be welcoming a new love to our family 🙂

I’ve been thinking how throughout our lives we experience many different loves. First the unconditional love we have for our parents as kids, then we love our best friends, then we love our dog or pet hamster, then we start to have crushes, then the First Love, then we find the true love with whom we want to spend our whole life with, and then we become moms and experience a love like no other—this overwhelming, heartbreaking, unconditional, sometimes unexplainable love for our children. The best kind of love 🙂

This reminds me of a lovely Estonian poem about becoming a mom and a mom’s love. My translation might be a bit clumsy, but I hope you also can relate to it and see the beauty behind it.

“Before I became a mom, I prepared and ate warm food.

I had clothes without stains.

I had quiet phone conversations.


Before I became a mom, I slept as long as I wanted and didn’t worry about how late I went to bed.

I combed my hair and brushed my teeth every day.


Before I became a mom, I cleaned every day.

I never stumbled on toys or forgot the lyrics of lullabies.


Before I became a mom, I never wondered if my house plants were poisonous or not.

I never thought about vaccines.


Before I became a mom, no one had ever vomited, poo-ed, spat, peed on, or pinched me with their small fingers.


Before I became a mom, I had total self-control—over my mind and my body.

I slept through the whole night.

I had never held a crying child so doctors could do test or injections to her.

I had never looked into tear-filled eyes and cried myself.

I had never been so happy to just see a smile.

I had never sat awake at night looking at a sleeping child.


Before I became a mom, I had never held in my arms a sleeping child just because I didn’t want to put her to bed yet.

I had never felt a heart break into million pieces when I couldn’t take away the pain.

I never knew that someone so small could influence my life so much.

I never knew I could love someone so much.

I never knew I would love being a mom.


Before I became a mom I didn’t know the feeling when your heart is outside your body.

Didn’t know how good it feels to feed a hungry baby.

Didn’t know about the bond between a mom and a child.

Didn’t know that someone so small could make me feel so needed.”

(“Before I became a mom” by Leelo Tungal)

Now, on to our lovely BAMBI Committee family, that is also constantly growing. We are happy to welcome Fasiha to the team as our new Yard Sales Coordinator. Her first Yard Sale will take place in March. And I would also like to make a big applause to Josephine and her events team for organising the BAMBI Riverside Fair in January. It was the first time for us to organise a fair. We hope you all enjoyed the event and spent a fun morning with your families!

A lovely February to all of you!

See you around!

Tini, BAMBI Chairwoman


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