BAMBI News March 2017

Published on: March 11, 2017

View PDF Dear Members, Last month, we held the first edition of Volunteering Info Morning. It was a chill gathering at Antique Cafe for everyone who was interested in volunteering for BAMBI. We were so pleased to have 14 talented lovely ladies come meet us, and we are happy that many of them have joined the BAMBI Committee since then. It’s the biggest number of volunteers we have had joining at the same time. I guess sometimes it’s easier to come and meet people face-to-face than to write an e-mail to a stranger. So definitely we are going to repeat this event several times a year. The more great volunteers we have, the more BAMBI we can bring to you! 🙂 But the Info Morning was not our only event in the past months. On March 4th, we had the first Yard Sale of this year. A big thank you to Fasiha and her helpers for running another great Yard Sale! For BAMBI, March is the month when the “BAMBI year” ends. On March 30th from 9:30am, we are going to hold our Annual General Meeting at the British Club. At the General Meeting, we will sum up the year 2016 and elect a new Committee for 2017. All BAMBI members are invited to this event. You will have a chance to hear what has been done in BAMBI in the last year and see the people who will run BAMBI for the next year. At the same time, there will be a free playgroup for your kids. Just don’t forget to bring along your BAMBI membership card! When 2016 has been summed-up and the new committee elected, it will be time for some fun with the Splash Party towards the end of April! Already for 30 years, BAMBI has held its splash parties and this year again we will be waiting for you, together with Bangkok Dolphins at the British Club, for some great pool-activities and games. And also keep your eyes open, we have some interesting pop-up weekend playgroups popping up in different schools in the next months. Follow the info on our Facebook page – BAMBIBangkok. See you around! Cheers, Triin Kassis BAMBI Chairwoman   View PDF