BAMBI News November 2016

Published on: November 02, 2016

View PDF   Dear members, This issue of BAMBI News is dedicated to well-being, so on this occasion, I would like to encourage you to take a break and think about your own well-being. As moms, we have to care day and night about the needs and happiness of our families, so it’s easy to forget ourselves. Now ask yourself, what can I do for my well-being? Well-being can come in very many different ways. Of course, there are the simple mommy-pleasures – massage, manicure, coffee date with girlfriends, etc. But you can also dig deeper and maybe want to change your whole lifestyle.  For me, the best thing I have done for myself in the last years was volunteering for BAMBI. Cheezy, I know, but it’s true 🙂 After being unemployed for a long time, you can start to lose your former self and become slow and lazy. Volunteering for BAMBI made me think again about other topics than diapers and naptimes. It is definitely giving me my edge back and gives a spark to my days here in Bangkok. Sometimes a whole firework 🙂  And at the same time as I have found my well-being in “working” again, my husband has found his in quitting his job. For the last two years, he has had a good, well-paying position in an international company, but the job itself was not motivating. So last month he made the decision to quit and stop wasting his time on something that doesn’t impassion him. And I can see him now walking around with a lighter step, impatient to jump into new adventures. So mummies, let’s take a moment for ourselves and let’s not be afraid of change. Life is too short to spend it on things that don’t make you happy! Tini, Chairwoman   View PDF