BAMBI News November 2017

Published on: November 11, 2017

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Dear Members,

In November’s BAMBI News we take the time to reflect on BAMBI’s evolution over the past three and a half decades as we celebrate a big BAMBI birthday, 35! I wonder if the founders of this great organisation knew back then what BAMBI would grow to become.

Back in 1982 for expat mums in Bangkok BAMBI was a lifeline for building network and friendships with other mums who could empathise 100% with the struggle to raise a family in a city so far from family and friends. No doubt there was lots of photocopying and leaflet drops and good old word-of-mouth marketing in those early years.

It makes me even more proud now, in this age of instant communication and social media, to learn that BAMBI remains as relevant now as it was back in 1982. Despite all the digitisation of friendship, young families still crave that opportunity to connect with people in similar situations that BAMBI offers through its support groups like Bumps and Babies and its Playgroups and larger events.

It is fair to say that none of this would exist without our wonderful members, almost 850 of you at the last count, and the fantastic group of 40+ volunteers; who in the spirit of giving back to the community for no personal gain, take time out of their week to help to run hundreds of playgroups, events, splash parties, bumps and babies sessions, yard sales, pop up weekend playgroups, producing our wonderful magazine and reaching out to those in need in the wider community. I salute you all, Akiko and I are privileged to be at the helm of such a wonderful group of dedicated fun mums and dads.

We are looking forward to bringing you a BAMBI Birthday Party Celebration in early 2018 that is befitting for such a momentous occasion I hope you can be there to help us blow out the 35 candles on the cake!

I am the first Vice Chairwoman at BAMBI (hopefully of many). Akiko and I share the administrative responsibility of BAMBI along with our super dedicated committee of fun intelligent women. I pay tribute to all who came before us and cherished the BAMBI baby through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. It’s fair to say we have inherited it in its prime and look forward to guiding it on its path for the next 35 years!

Vice Chairwoman, BAMBI


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